Single Working Mom

Remember That Time You Wore Lipstick?

THIS girl, whose standard uniform is jeans and a t-shirt, does not wear lipstick.

Makeup? Sure! Never lipstick.

As a single working mother, I only have time to get ready once – at 5am. There’s no daytime primping and certainly no time for lipstick-required reapplication.

Don’t get me wrong – I tried once in recent years. And to this day, that Mother’s Day has gone down in history to my kids – AND my best friend’s kids – as “Remember that time you wore lipstick?”

But there’s power in them there tubes of lipstick…

Recently, I interviewed Laura Virili, speaker, connector and coach, as part of my developing “My Most Successful” series about her new business, and just as smoothly and gracefully as she would have put on lipstick, Laura twisted the conversation and opened up her social universe to me.

Suddenly, effective social media marketing and networking had so much more meaning to me. In essence, Laura opened up her network and reapplied.

Whether you’re looking for personal help among your village or support system, or looking for professional inspiration and opportunities, get your message out there to your networks and then take the time to reapply. Know someone who can be helped by your network? Reapply for them!

After all, sometimes the perfect color comes from the most unexpected places.

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