Everyone has a story to tell.
Isn’t it time to share yours?

Storytelling is one of the most important ways to connect with people.

Your customers, fans, friends and business associates may know who you are, but what will really connect them is letting them know what makes you YOU. The more someone can say, “Hey, that sounds a lot like what I’m going through,” the more you draw in new followers and engage with existing ones.

So if the words, “I have an idea for a story,” or “This would really make a good book,” have ever crossed your lips, it’s time.

Your story needs to be told.

Whether you’re ready to start blogging, writing articles or even a book, or looking for a ghostwriter to craft your story for you, I will get you on the right track.

Services include:

• One-on-one coaching services (blogging, personal essay, long-form articles for social media, bookwriting)
• Ghostwriting (blogging, articles, books, short stories)
• Proofreading
• Structural or Line By Line Editing
• Self-publishing guidance (cover design, book layout,
• Group presentations on steps and strategies to writing killer copy

Writing is my passion. When the muse whispers that it’s time to write, I jump on the opportunity. I envision myself as a pianist sitting in front of the keys and just letting the words and the inspiration flow into a masterpiece.

I look forward to sharing that passion with you and getting you on your way to telling your story.


Ghostwriting on spec: Initial consultation is free. Upon agreement, $65/hour with a cap of $5,000 for book projects. Agreement requires $500 upfront fee. You hold the byline and retains all rights and proceeds. This is a collaborative process that requires regular meetings to share notes, thoughts, and direction.

Writing on spec (with shared credit): Initial consultation is free. Upon agreement, $50/hour with a cap of $5,000 for book projects. Agreement requires $500 upfront fee. You share the byline and percentage of sales with me. In return, I’ll help with book publishing and promotion.

Editing: Already have a book, blog or article written that just needs another set of eyes to clean it up? I offer structural editing, line-by-line editing and proofreading. Fees are $65/hour.

One-on-One Coaching: Are you ready to write but need someone to guide you through the steps or just an accountability partner? My one-on-one coaching packages consist of 1-hour weekly sessions for 12 weeks. Cost is $600 for the full 12-week program.

Group Presentations: Are you part of a networking group or community organization that would find value in a talk about the value of writing to your audience? Reach out! It’s free.

“We all have gifts, and clearly Beth’s gift is the ability to write. She enjoys it so much and it comes through. It is so effortless for her that the end product appears as if she put pen to paper and just let it flow.” – Laura Virili, Client.

Email me today at for a free consultation.