It started with a blog about a single working mom and grew into a book about a woman who decided to pursue her passion for writing.

Pursuing My Wonderful isn’t just about reaching the end goal. It’s about all the little “wonderfuls” that happen on the journey.

Now, you can enjoy all the phases in Beth’s pursuit of wonderful – from the blogs to the press release, from the book release party to the interviews and her own podcasts.

And of course, we can’t forget the book!

Pursuing My Wonderful
What do you do when you find yourself at the crossroads between the work that feeds your soul and the one that feeds your kids? For as long as I can remember, I have felt that there was simply more out there for me professionally. Not more in the sense of money or title, but the more that really sets your soul on fire and takes your breath away. Switching jobs, industries and roles never satisfied that feeling. And simply waiting for it wasn’t working either. By my 43rd birthday, the professional more I had been suppressing was revealing itself as a requirement rather than a nice-to-have. There was no more waiting for wonderful. I could only pursue it. To my surprise, I discovered that the starting point of finding my wonderful was the same intersection where I started my pursuit of Mr. Wonderful. That is, the realization that the process of pursuing my professional passion was remarkably similar to the ways I went about pursuing love. Join me on my journey to pursue my wonderful. And start taking the steps to find yours.

Co-author – The Truth Behind My Trident: Overcoming Life and Business Obstacles the Navy SEAL Way
Former Navy SEAL Phillip Koontz provides an authentic perspective on his journey in the Navy Special Warfare Command in The Truth Behind My Trident: Overcoming Life and Business Obstacles the Navy SEAL Way. Koontz tells the true stories of his journey leading up to, during, and after his time with the SEALs. He demonstrates how the lessons learned through those trials and tribulations can arm you with the tools to overcome the personal and professional obstacles in your life.

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