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It’s Not You, It’s Me…

I had my suspicions for years – my suspicions that there was someone else in the picture. Likely multiple “someone elses.”

Hell, it wasn’t just suspicion. I even had my evidence.

But I never wanted to believe it. Not for one second.

Because surely, if what I thought what was going on was really happening, I must have been the reason for it.

“It’s not you,” I would think, “It’s me. I’m not enough. Enough wife. Enough mother. Enough lover. Enough success.”

Your narcissism fed me that poison by the spoonful… because as long as I doubted myself, you could continue doing what you wanted to do.

It WAS me, right?

So, let me say it for you… because 10 years later, I realize that the one person who should have said it – who should have owned it – didn’t.

I’m very much aware of who you are. And I’m even more aware of who I am. I’m more than enough.

I can now I can say with no uncertainty… Your indiscretions were never about me.

It’s you, not me.

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