Today, I Want Not…

Today, I want not to wake up by alarm, kids, sunlight or cats licking my nose telling me they are hungry.  I want my eyes to spring open and my body to come to life when it’s refreshed enough to tackle the day.
Today, I want not to rush through my morning, getting kids ready, lunches made, quick showers or hurried drives into the office. I want to take a long shower, sit on the couch and drink coffee while watching the news – and then leave when I’m good and damn well ready.
Today, I want not to deal with laundry – not toting the basket, throwing it in or folding it when I’m done.  I want to be blind to the piles of clothes on the floor and deaf to phrases like, “Mom, I can’t find any clean underwear!” ​
Today, I want not to deal with dishes, not loading them in the dishwasher, starting the load or drying them before they are put away. I want the piles in the sink to find their own way – and I won’t even complain about the order in which they’ve been placed.
Today, I want not to work at my job… not worry about daily tasks, strategic thinking or sales. I want to sit down, relax, let inspiration take over and freely have fun without working toward any goals.
Today, I want not to be a referee. I’ve had quite enough of the bickering and smells of teen and pre-teen boys. I simply want to enjoy laughter and conversations with them.
Today, I simply want not to be an adult – to be free from worry and care. But let me count my blessings. ​
Because for all I do and all the love around me, I truly want not.

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